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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TORA datang lagi...erk!

Assalammualaikum W.B.T....


dah lama tak bersua...last update in January 2014... but I guess blogspot nowadays is not as popular as in past several years since bila i check news feeds, almost all of the bloggers in my following-list didn't update their blog for months and even years. and even for me, I almost forgot my password.

ok, ENGLISH! sound weird right?. now, i think i will change my habit in writing. Just like rojak Penang (wow, might be tasty), i will just mix up my languages MALAY-ENGLISH = MANGLISH..u know, people really changed. 

since my last update, many things were happened.. i dah pernah jadi businesswoman.. u know, i baked.. at first i just shared the recipes of the cakes in this blog and i just like a children main masak-masak, not serius at all. tak pernah sekali i terfikir boleh buat bisnes dengan baking.. wow.. that's amazing event ever happened in my life... and of course, u didn't know unless u try. 

the first cake in my biz world - chocolate cream cheese cakes~ memang terlajak laris

ok..nie case pisang asyik berbuah lebih dua kali (merapu) belakang rumah - jadilah kek pisang

ni kek yg terlajak laris no. 2 - red velvet cream cheese

swirled rose buttercream cupcakes

ok... dah ada tag..hehe..

roti pizza

red velvet cream cheese tempahan hari guru

biz berjalan dengan lancarnya sampaila i continue study.. so, one year master course is somewhat so-so heavy. the important thing was i met new friends.. luckily, where ever i went, i met nice people and good friends. then, 1 year study pun dah going to end. just left viva and scientific seminar. i hope everything will end well and of course di bawah izinNYA. 

and my bestfriend dunia & akhirat pun dah meet her imam.. ok now dok enjoy her sweet time with her hubby.. jealous?? sincerely no..ehemm...sighh...

end for this time ~

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